Yoga Union 

Themed yoga designed to work on your personal intentions and blocks




Can yoga bring more Love into your life?  

Yoga means union. But union with what? Ultimately, it means the end of separation from Love, or whatever name you give the one true force behind all creation.

Yoga is a technology that helps to bring up and heal all aspects of consciousness that are in separation from Love and therefore in its polar opposite: fear - the absence of Love.

Transforming within first...

‘As within, so without'  HERMES TRISMEGISTUS

Kundalini yoga goes into this deeply, using movement and mantras to heal separation from love and power you along your spiritual path into inner union. This union within the self has the power to transform your external reality from fear-based to Love-filled, by always guiding you back to this one simple truth: you create your reality – so create it consciously.

Use yoga to help move through blocks and bring more love into your life. No previous experience is necessary and the focus is on healing - fitness being a nice side effect. We are also trained in a wide range of complementary healing therapies, including Shamanism, Reiki and Conscious Coaching.

We offer a weekly selection of Kriyas, Meditations and Mantras, hand-picked to support members through their current life experiences, along with check-ins and group inner work. All sessions are held online and recordings are made available for you to access in your own time if you can't make the live session.

If you would like to experience the transformational power of Kundalini Yoga, get in touch to find out more – all abilities welcome.

Become your own teacher and find the truth that has always been within you - Ek Ongkar, Sat Nam.

  Be Loved,  
  Will & Katy  


Kundalini Yoga - live your life consciously and intentionally with ABUNDANCE, SELF-WORTH, LOVE, PURPOSE + CONNECTION TO GOD 

 Transform an unfulfilling and fearful world into one filled with joy and love! 




Change your inner landscape. And then see that reflected in your external reality.

We have something in the works...

 'Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion'  RUMI

Would you like to change the course of your life in just 12 weeks? 

We are all droplets of love from the one original source of Love. Each droplet contains the information of the whole. You can pick and choose whatever you want, so choose wisely. What you choose dictates your whole universe...


This 12-week experience uses a combination of yoga, inner work and group mentoring to heal blocks and change your flow so that you can live a life of bliss from the heart.

Get in touch if you would like to know more!